Geyser Repair

Top Quality Geyser Installation And Repairing Solutions For Your Needs

A recent study has revealed that a hot shower at the end of the long day can help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. A whopping 80% people interviewed for the survey vouched for the fact. Warm showers help you start your day on a high note and let you feel the stress fade away at the end of the day. It's particularly true in cold winter months as you can alleviate aches and pains with showers. That's why gas or electric geysers are a crucial home appliance. And our Geyser Installation and Repairing Services help you take care of it in the best possible way.

24x7 Home Care Services is a one stop solution for installation and repairs services for all home appliances. We have worked with thousands of clients in different areas of Delhi NCR region and delivered services that have exceeded their expectations. We pride on the fact that we have a long list of repeat clientele, which reflects their trust in us. We aim to offer you the same quality of service with our Geyser Repairing services. Irrespective of the type and brand of geyser, we encourage you to call us for installation and repairs services to get their maximum benefits.

This is how 24x7 Home Care Services are geared towards ensuring that your geysers function at their best for a long time.

  • Not having your geyser functioning can be a hindrance in your day. You want to get the problem fixed at the earliest. We understand that, which is why our professionals are at your doorstep within two hours of receiving your call.
  • We have a strong and efficient team of engineers, who are background checked and verified. They also have more than 6 years of professional experience, which they bring to the table when assessing the problem with your geysers.
  • Our Geyser Repairing services begin with the inspection of the problem. In most cases, the solution can be offered within your homes in no time. However if you choose not to avail of our services then you just have to pay a small visiting fee.
  • We are extremely confident of the quality of our installation and repairs services. That's the reason we offer you a 40 day service guarantee. With our services you can be guaranteed that you add to the life of your geysers.
  • Unlike other service providers, we have a fixed rate for the repairs and installation services we offer. You can use your preferred payment method and get a receipt and service slip at the end of it.
  • These are just some of the reasons why our Geyser Installation And Repairing services are the preferred choice in Delhi NCR areas.

About 24x7 Home Care Services

  • 24x7 Home Care Services is a trusted name for air conditioner, microwave oven, refrigerator, water purifier, electric chimney, washing and drying machine, LED LCD Plasma TV and Geyser installation and repairs services in Delhi NCR areas. It's reliable services are also affordable for the benefit of users.

Our Promise:

  • Installation & Repair.
  • 100% background checked and trained technicians.
  • 40 days service guarantee.


  • Upon Inspection.
  • Minor inspection charges if no service is availed post inspection.
  • Post servicing - Engineer will be providing a service slip along with payment receipt.

Customer Review

24x7 home care services was very helpful in assisting me. I got my AC repaired earlier this month. The team arrived the same day and got the job done. Thank you guys. You are amazing!

Rahul Lalchandani

Had a very satisfying experience. The representative was highly trained and did a great job with my Refrigerator . Plus he was right on time. Very professional!

Akbar ali

I am new to Delhi. Wanted to get an AC installed in this crazy heat. Installation service was excellent and on time. Their installation experts were of great help. Would recommend them to everyone.

Ankit Sharma

Got my Geyser repaired the other day. Found the team to be very professional. Genuine rates, brilliant service and good conduct by the service personnel. Couldn't have asked for anything better.

Ankita Sahu

These guys are the best!!! I bought my washer and dryer here! They look and feel brand new! and working fine. I want to sell an old TV. Do you guys buy second hand stuff?

Harshit Gupta

I am very impressed with the services provided by 24x7 Home Care Services. I got my Fridge compressor fixed sometime back and the response time of repair person was amazing.

Neeraj Sachdeva