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LED/ LCD TV Installation/Repairing

LED/ LCD TV is an important device in our homes nowadays. It not only adds luxury to your lifestyle but cherishes your day with various colors of entertainment. So when it comes about the LED/LCD installation and repair this should be done in a very pleasant way keeping your feelings at the uppermost level. During LED/LCD installation the very first thing which should be taken care is the right place, direction, and height. Only the perfect technician can understand this thing. For this, '24X7 Home Care Services' is the right option for you to get service.

While the installation, our team always take care of your interior of your house, because the interior will a glow more after the installation of your beautiful LED/LCD.

Apart from that our technicians always take care of the light intensity. That While watching your LED/LCD no one from your house got irritation in his eyes because of the wrong angle. The installation will be that much perfect that whenever you would watch your LED/LCD TV you will have our technician in thoughts. You will just say that our team has magic in hands but we will say that we just care about our client and give him our services at best. We offer all the required services in it which are as LED/LCD Installation and LED/LCD repairing. You don't need to worry about the intelligence of our staff, as our team has level best in the context of the experience and skills. In this, we offer these services at a fixed price, which means you don't need to waste time in bargaining. In that we also not believe, so the method adopted is fixed pricing.

Wall mount stands and any other stand if required by you then it will have some extra charges but with a very affordable range. Repairing services will have the price only after the inspection. After finding the fault, we will let you everything very much clearly. '24X7 Home Care Services' also provide you the written slip whenever the repair service is work done by our team. So have experience once, we will rely not disappoint you.

Customer Review

Reasonably priced no overcharging, satisfactory services and well trained technicians. What more do you ask for!!

Harpreet Singh

New found respect for 24x7 Home Care Services today! I decided to try their washing machine repair services. Very happy and would definitely be using it again.

Mazhar ali

Highly recommended! I logged the issue for refrigerator; the technician solved the issue on phone. Worth 5 star. Thanks 24x7 HCS Team.

Ravi Sharma