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Refrigerator & Deep Freezer Repairing Services

Home appliances make your house alive, you wish that all of your home appliances should be working perfectly but if any of them is having a fault then it irritates you a lot, becomes the hindrance to your work. But now you don't need to take tension as if any of your home appliances aren't working. Because you have a solution for all of these services at just one shop, and that is: '24X7 Home Care Services'. You don't need to visit any office, as we the '24X7 Home Care Services' provide all of our services at just one phone call.

Apart from the best repairing services, we always give you the best treatment, with politeness, honesty and technical approach at its best. These things always distinguish us from all other service providers. Now, let's talk about the refrigerator & deep freezer repairing services provided by us:

Food is the most important thing for securing a healthy life; for this, your food should always be healthy and nowadays, having a healthy food means that your refrigerator & deep freezer should always be healthy means working properly. If any of the problems are occurring with it. Then your food can get spoiled. Maybe food can start giving poor odors. In that condition, food should not be eaten. It can make you feel sick. The need of Refrigerator and Deep freezer becomes more pathetic in the summers when the temperature is crossing 40 degree Celsius daily. So always take care of your refrigerator & deep freezer.

If anything wrong happened with your refrigerator & deep freezer, then, first of all, make a call to us. We will surely provide you the repairing service in the quickest time than anyone else, so before the quality of your food starts declining, our technician with the can-do attitude and a very humble look will be in your home to repair your refrigerator & deep freezer. We provide all of the services of the common faults which happen in the refrigerators like the leakage of gas, compressor or compressor fan not working, leakage in the insulation or problem in the evaporator fan etc.

You can have a bet; he will definitely reach to you before the completion of 120 minutes. Ice wouldn't have started melting but our technician will make sure that your refrigerator & deep freezer would be working again. We will not make any comment about the others that how much time they will take but our skilled technician will highly impress you that you would always prefer us every time in future. Apart from that best service on the spot we also give you a more relaxation with 40 days guarantee period. The written slip would also be given to you if any type of the post service is required. Also in case you don't want to have our technician's service or your refrigerator & deep freezer started working again itself, then we will not put any type of heavy unnecessary charges, you have to pay the only minor bearable cost. We always wish that whenever you need refrigerator & deep freezer repairing for your home appliance, Name of our shop should strike your mind at first.

Customer Review

Reasonably priced no overcharging, satisfactory services and well trained technicians. What more do you ask for!!

Harpreet Singh

New found respect for 24x7 Home Care Services today! I decided to try their washing machine repair services. Very happy and would definitely be using it again.

Mazhar ali

Highly recommended! I logged the issue for refrigerator; the technician solved the issue on phone. Worth 5 star. Thanks 24x7 HCS Team.

Ravi Sharma