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Washing & Drying Machine Repairing in Noida

'24X7 Home Care Services' is the shop, which you can rely upon for any type of the home appliances repairing. This shop offers repairing services to many of your home appliances, hence makes all of them running in the best condition. We make sure that, every technical aspect of your appliance would be care taken with responsibility. Our shop has a team of technicians, each one having more than 6 years of experiences. Such availability of special staff makes us unique amidst others. Followings are the details of our special services of washing & drying machine repairing:

Washing & drying machine is a very much important home appliance nowadays. It makes your work easy in every season may it be raining, winter or cloud. A proper working washing machine is very much important for the ladies of your house, as it reduces their work a lot. If the machine is not running, then a female has to fight with the fogy water containing so many chemicals in it. Although whenever your wife isn't at home, then also this washing & drying machine does wonder for you. You can wash your clothes yourself and have shone on them again. So washing & drying machine should always be in working conditions. In case if this is not, then the situation becomes troubling for you. But we are here for its solution.

As we have already mentioned about the proficiency of our experienced staff, our team has an intelligent vision of seeing the appliances for providing services to you. In case, your washing & drying machine has stopped working while using it, then don't worry. Just make a call to us. Our technicians will provide you a quick service that after your call, the first doorbell in next 2 hours would be by our technician. Our technicians will judge the fault very easily, and they will make your washing & drying machine working in a very less time. Apart from that, we provide you a guaranteed service as well which is of worth 40 days, although we will not let it happen to be used, still, for the sake of emergency, you have 40 days.

Pricing would definitely be fixed only after the inspection of your washing & drying machine; we are not going to put any big amount as charges for just a visit, like in case you are not going for the service. In case you are not going with the service for any of the reason, then we charge a very small amount as visiting charges, which will not pinch you hard. The payment receipt will also be given to you, so don't worry about if there is any type of the emergency. You know better than many of the other service providers don't give you any such receipt so you can feel the difference.

Our technicians not only sound technically better but have a well-mannered behavior and sense of dealing with their client. We always wish that whenever it comes about the repairing of washing & drying machine again, we should be your first choice for calling any mechanic.

Customer Review

Reasonably priced no overcharging, satisfactory services and well trained technicians. What more do you ask for!!

Harpreet Singh

New found respect for 24x7 Home Care Services today! I decided to try their washing machine repair services. Very happy and would definitely be using it again.

Mazhar ali

Highly recommended! I logged the issue for refrigerator; the technician solved the issue on phone. Worth 5 star. Thanks 24x7 HCS Team.

Ravi Sharma